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Ekoli wants to offer each child the opportunity to experiment, design and engage in science research. Ekoli brings sciences to practice for less-privileged youth via practical cutting-edge workshops.

Ekoli is a Belgium-based NGO founded by a team of volunteers passionate about sciences and education. Our aim is to revolutionize science education and democratize sciences.


Ekoli is an NGO that believes that every child should be given the chance to experiment, create and research sciences.

Ekoli brings sciences into practice for disadvantaged groups, youngsters from 6-18 years and teachers via practical and modern workshops.

Ekoli wants to inspire next-generation scientists. They will be the ones developing sustainable solutions to societal issues: building with biodegradable materials, producing light with microorganisms, curing incurable diseases, growing animal-free meat…

Ekoli believes that education plays a fundamental role and provides youngsters with a strong basis for their future. The right teacher at the right moment can have a crucial impact. Ekoli trains teachers to make biosciences tangible to kids.

Ekoli centers on inclusivity and focuses therefore on less-fortunate children. Each child deserves the same chances to grow and self-develop.



Ekoli wants to inspire teachers to teach more practically. We organise teach-the-teacher workshops and provide them with ready-to-teach workshops for the classroom.


Ekoli creates workshops that practically illustrate scientific subjects. All workshops go through several rounds of testing and optimisation. Ekoli is always on the lookout for schools where these workshops can be tested.


Sciences should be accessible to everyone. Ekoli organises workshops tailor-made to the needs of these target groups.


Anyone with a original idea to revolutionize sciences and education, can contact us for new projects. We are always interested to meet like-minded people.

At the moment Ekoli is mostly active in Flanders, Belgium. But as we grow, we want to expand our activity range by making our workshop material available to everyone interested. If you want to collaborate or have a question, do not hesitate to contact us!

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Practice Science!

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